What I’m Reading: Best Travel Blogs for March 2017

What I’m Reading: Best Travel Blogs for March 2017

It’s March and you know what that means! No, I’m not talking about shamrock parades and pints of Guinness. Although that sounds like a fun day! It’s National Women’s History Month. So, for this month’s “What I’m Reading”, in honor of the incredible women who pioneered and paved the way for us to live this amazing life we have, I want to highlight some fabulous, female travel bloggers who inspire me on a daily basis. These women are from all different walks of life but are all united in one common goal. They show just how awesome it is to be a woman and a traveler in this day and age with all the grace and strength that it entails.

1. A Dangerous Business: I have been reading A Dangerous Business for over two years now, and am obsessed with everything about it. In a world of thousands of solo female travelers what I love the most about Amanda is the fact that she is home based. When you read travel blogs, it is almost disheartening to some degree, because you think, “Well, I can’t move to Southeast Asia for a year to start travel writing.” It’s not always relatable to everyone. Amanda, however, is an Ohio girl who sees the world at her own pace, and I love that. She is a huge part of why I started a blog at this point in my life because she made me believe that it was possible. She’s a super sweet girl who has been to more than 45 countries from New Zealand to Africa to bouncing around the United States. Amanda is also getting married this year so a BIG CONGRATS to her and her future hubby.

2. The Blog Abroad: This girl is phenomenal! Gloria or Glo as she prefers is a full-time traveler and the face behind TheBlogAbroad.com. She is a digital nomad who uses her sassy and “tell it like it is” attitude to bring knowledgeable travel and cultural education to the forefront. With her no holds barred approach to writing she brings the best and the worst of the places she been to light while addressing social issues in a way that you laugh and learn at the same time. Also, Can I have her wardrobe? She’s so dang fashionable when she travels. As of August 2016, she’s been to 38 countries and 4 continents, but I’m sure she has added to that since then. Glo is a great source for information on the Balkans which is not visited as much as other countries. She’s currently in Brazil but with her unpredictable, adventurous spirit, who knows where she will be next.

3. Wanderlust and Lipstick: In an effort to grow and learn as a blogger and writer, I read everything I can get my hands on. This is a blog that has been around awhile, but I have only recently started reading. Beth is the fabulous author of the book Wanderlust and Lipstick: The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo and the founder of Wandertours which leads groups of women to “off the beaten path” destinations that some women may not otherwise go to. With over 30 years of experience, she has become an expert on women’s travel. At 50, she is an avid marathon runner, a newlywed (Congrats Beth), and an incredible writer who pushes and inspires women to get out of their comfort zone. I am very much looking forward to reading more from her this month.

4. Oneika the Traveller: This gorgeous Canadian has been to over 90 countries and speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently. Oneika started out traveling first as a study abroad student in France, and then as a language arts teacher and French teacher in China, Mexico, and England. She is a serial expat, an aspiring polyglot, and has written for the likes of Conde Nast Traveler, Ebony, Huffington Post and many more. Along with her blog, she has a great Youtube channel filled with tips and inspiration for the wanderlusting traveler. Currently based in New York, she is another travel blogger determined to prove to that no matter your race, your job, or your personal life, you can become a citizen of the world.

5. Psychotraveller: I watched on video by this girl on Youtube called, “Why I Chose a Life of Travel Over a Career” and I was hooked. While Psychotraveller.com sounds like a horror movie website about hostels gone wrong or something, Aly is actually an incredibly funny, intelligent blogger who went from psychology graduate to full-time traveler. She’s traveled to numerous countries including, Greece, and Australia, and has an incredible love for Southeast Asia where she has been lately. Aly gives advice on a variety of topics from tips to travel on the cheap to more personal topics in her “Real Talk” playlist on her Youtube channel. This year she is planning a move to Europe so I think we can expect even more brilliant blog posts and videos from her with a European twist.

There you have it. These are the five travel blogs from five incredible women to feed your wanderlusting, travel appetite for the month. Let me know which one is your new favorite!

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